About Us

Breton Kennel

Catherine Landsborough
R R # 4 Seaforth, ON. N0K 1WO

Phone: 519-233-3194
Email: jclandsb@tcc.on.ca
Dogs have always been a big part of my life. From the working farm dogs I enjoyed as a young girl to the wonderful companion dogs with whom we now share our home. I purchased our first Old English Sheepdog “English” in 1983 and absolutely fell in love with the breed. I was very active in showing our dogs through the eighties and nineties and continue to do limited showing today. In 1995 our sons decided they also enjoyed showing dogs but preferred a breed with less of a grooming commitment. We wanted a breed with a similar clownish personality to our sheepdogs so after 2 years of research, we purchased our first Bull Terrier “Sadie”. Since then we have been committed to preserving and improving the health and temperament of these two remarkable breeds.

All of our dogs are health tested and OFA certified and we provide all of our puppy owners with a written health guarantee.

Our kennel is located in the heart of South Western Ontario – about 1 hour North of London and about 1 hour North West of Kitchener.

While all puppies are cute and all dogs have their own unique and endearing qualities, all dogs do not do well with all families. If you have had one of these two breeds before then I am sure you are committed to the breed and I hope you find our dogs are what you are looking for. If you are in the process of researching the breed that is right for your home, then I commend you and hope you find this site helpful in making your decision.